Friday, July 8, 2011



Hi all, this is the blog for all cognizers 2011 batch. here we can share, discuss and comment on cog2011elt  batch. I am starting from myself, i joined cog2011elt on 10th of june, 2011.

Initialy we came in Chennai caampus of cog2011elt program. In chennai we reported in MEPZ, Chennai. there was a induction program on cog2011elt . In two days of induction program of cog2011elt, we came to know our training location of this cog2011elt program. after two days of induction program, we shifted to ASV SUNTECH PARK, Chennai for our training session of cog2011elt.

cog2011elt is a training program of Cognizant, which is a 3 month elementery training program. in cog2011elt, it helps us to understand our basic knowledge of different domain... cog2011elt is the best way to train freshers to suite himself/herself accprding to industry.

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